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The Performance

Aileen was quite a lonely girl. As a shemale, she had always found relationships very difficult and often didn't go out of her way to meet new people because she either felt she wanted to hide who she was or they were put off knowing her when they found out.

She chatted to a few people on line about... Click to Read More

My Transsexual Neighbor

I was excited when I heard the news that someone was finally renting the apartment across the hallway from mine. The place had been empty ever since George left. We got along pretty good and would occasionally hit the nearby club during the weekends. I was hoping that the new tenant would be like... Click to Read More

Rain Check

Today was the first real day of autumn weather. I couldn’t hold still. After being cooped up all summer with the heat . . . ugh, I tell you, you folks who don’t live in the South have no idea how oppressive the heat gets. You can’t go outside, can’t play, can’t drive around, it’s too hot to even FUCK most of the... Click to Read More

Very Clean Bad Boys

This weekend, I got myself set up with a little garden in the courtyard-style patio of my new apartment. And while I was getting everything repotted and boxed and hung, I learned to my chagrin that it’s quite possible to work up a sweat even in a 4 x 4 space.

So by the time I was even halfway done... Click to Read More

Deep Throating Shemale

Yvonne is one of my best friends and we do more than just hang out at the local nightclub. She has long wavy black hair and dark violet eyes. Like me, she is also a pre-op transsexual, which means she has breasts and a penis. In the few years that we have known each other, she has taught me a lot about... Click to Read More


I keep telling myself I should slow down, throttle back. I don’t have to sleep around so much, and sometimes I worry that I maybe shouldn’t. But then there come those nights when nothing will do but something new and hot and very, very bad. Hey. You tell me if you could have resisted this.

I spotted her... Click to Read More

Enchanted Evening

Got talked into a night of light opera by Val – remember him? The fussy, stuffy guy who helped me with my gardening, and turned out not to be so stuffy after all? Yeah. Well, I’ve seen him several times since then, nothing heavy, but now I think he’s making a serious bid for me.

When he asked me to... Click to Read More