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Shemale 3 GP
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She Male 3gp Option On The Lost Phone Gave Me A Threesome

I was in the park just walking around and trying to clear my mind. I was stressed out last few days and I needed something that will relax me. I set on the bench and started thinking about my problems.

Two girls passed right next to me... Click to Read More

Transexual Stories
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All The Transexual Stories Came To Life!

I’ve spent my adolescent years reading the transexual stories whenever I could. I had a long process of self analysis trying to figure out if I were gay or not, so I wanted to find a shemale who could be my first and see if I even like being fucked or... Click to Read More

Tranny Stories
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Tranny Stories Made Me Do It

I’ve never had trouble finding a girlfriend. I’m a reasonably handsome guy and chicks love me. I’m into porn no more than any other guy, and I started reading tranny stories out of boredom. In time, my curiosity took over.

I imagined that guys wanted to fuck... Click to Read More

Shemale Story
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Not A Boring Shemale Story

I really thought that Rebecca was a girl. And she really thought that I was aware that she wasn’t just a girl. We met one night out and exchanged phone numbers. She was hot and I thought that it would be great to hook up so I called her up.

She arrived wearing very... Click to Read More

Shemale Sex Stories
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Shemale Sex Stories Tell The Truth!

You couldn’t help it but to notice when the tall blond came to the party. She was steaming hot, and all the guys turned their heads while all the girls glanced in envy. She was dressed a bit slutty and didn’t seem to mind the looks or the attention. Soon... Click to Read More

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