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Another Transgender Story In Bob’s Life
Views: 287 · Posted: 3 year ago

I got into college right after my surgery. I changed my name into Danna and started my life at college as a ‘real’ girl. I didn’t want to have my transgender story follow me here.

Anyway, I kept one picture of me as a boy and held it on my writing desk. I told people that... Click to Read More

We Both Had Our TG Stories
Views: 267 · Posted: 3 year ago

“Let’s all share the best moments of our TG stories today!” the woman said. I was once more at this support meeting for transgender people because I wanted to see Molly. The best part of these meetings was her giant pair of tits and I didn’t really need the support to accept the fact that my... Click to Read More

Tranny Porno Tube Surprise Party
Views: 644 · Posted: 3 year ago

“Is that some tranny porno tube on your computer?” my roommate asked, catching me once again in action. “NO!” I replied and added “You should really learn how to knock!” I was simply mad because he caught once more.

I was about to move in with my girlfriend the following week and... Click to Read More

Caught Watching Free Mobile Shemales
Views: 1364 · Posted: 3 year ago

I was watching Free Mobile Shemales on my phone browser during my lunch break when the phone rang. Annoyed by the fact that someone is interrupting my free time, I answered angrily "Yes, who is it?". "Wrong number", said a female voice, "Sorry to interrupt you lunch!", and she... Click to Read More

Finding out that there are sites that you can watch shemale videos on out there was something that was always going to make my journeys home from work a hell of a lot more interesting! I always used to end up falling asleep or sitting next to some drunken... Click to Read More

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