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Nude She Male Pics At The Porn Company
Views: 675 · Posted: 3 year ago

I was nervous - the people from porn company haven't called me yet, and it was almost a week since I sent the nude she male pics. I'm a pretty attractive shemale - short girl with big ass, decent tits and long dark hair, and a cock which would make any man green with envy - and I... Click to Read More

Worry Free Shemales Dating Can happen To You, Too
Views: 458 · Posted: 3 year ago

"There is no such a thing as an attractive tranny" was one of my lifetime mantras. Growing up in Bay Area, it was easy for me to spot and recognize all of those masculine bodies dressed in female clothes. Their huge feet in high heels looked as a combination form hell.... Click to Read More

Browsing through all payed porn services left my wallet thin, so I went for free shemale dating site option. When my boss noticed that I was paying less attention to work and more attention to Shemales, he fired me without any notice.

I was hit hard... Click to Read More

The Hottest Of The Teen Transgender Stories
Views: 422 · Posted: 3 year ago

She was a cheerleader in college and I was…well. Me. I lived one of those transgender stories where I was still stuck in the middle of my transition and I wasn’t a girl anymore, but I wasn’t the guy she needed.

She had every single guy in the campus she wanted and I... Click to Read More

He Was Way Too Much Into Shemale Stories
Views: 630 · Posted: 3 year ago

At first I didn’t find it to strange. As far as our sex life was OK, I was totally fine with the fact that my husband reads ten shemale stories a week. Until one night.

I came back from a business trip a night to early. I managed to grab the late plane and arrived home... Click to Read More

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