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Shemale Sex Stories

Shemale Sex Stories Tell The Truth!

You couldn’t help it but to notice when the tall blond came to the party. She was steaming hot, and all the guys turned their heads while all the girls glanced in envy. She was dressed a bit slutty and didn’t seem to mind the looks or the attention. Soon... Click to Read More

Shemale Pic

Making Shemale Pic With The Sexy Photographer

When I first started working as a model, I did not realize that my life is going to become so interesting. When the photographer made my first shemale pic, he told me that I was made for this job. I enjoyed so much being in front of the camera.

I was... Click to Read More

She Male Sex Stories

I Lived Just Like Characters From She Male Sex StoriesWalking the streets as a true shemale lady is not always easy. People have prejudice although, at the same time, you can see that those same people would fuck you in a second if they knew that nobody would find out. Something similar happened... Click to Read More

Shemale Porn Pictures

My Kinky She Male Porn Pictures !

I never thought that I would enjoy making shemale porn pictures,but here I am and I must say it's been a crazy ride.I met Mike one night in a bar, and that's how my journey started.Mike was a very sexy and he was a real charmer.

When he approached... Click to Read More

She Male Pics

Cocky Andre, Sexy John And The Hottest She Male Pics!

I was having another sexy photo shoot. John needed sexy she male pics. I agreed but I was feeling a little bit weary. I was sitting in the room under the spotlights and then he stepped in. Andre was a tall, handsome Black guy and he was my new... Click to Read More

Shemale Pic

Sexy She Male Pic And One Passionate Night With Hot Jeff!

I am stunning, but I had some difficulties so I was determined to keep my secret. However, I have found a way to express myself, and that's how I met Jeff. I posted my naked she male pic online and started having date invites almost instantly.... Click to Read More

She Male Photo

My Naughty She Male Photo Session And A Night To Remember!

He was a photographer that I was supposed to work with on my first she male photo session. Let me tell you about Jamal. He is a strong guy, with the body to die for, and I must say I was fantasizing about him from the moment I saw him.... Click to Read More

Shemales Stories

Perhaps I’ve Read One Too Many Of The Shemales Stories

At the time, I was living in the street that was full of the shemale working girls. I had the opportunity to watch them every night and listen to their amazing shemales stories.

After a while, from all those shemales stories I realized... Click to Read More

Crossdresser Stories

My Very Own Crossdresser Stories

I took her sweet ass from behind, making her cock hard again. Though we already had many crossdresser stories behind us, this night was special because she finally fulfilled my wish: she wore red night gown, looking more like a woman than any woman I’ve met. I... Click to Read More

Shemales Webcam

My Shemales Webcam Sex Partner Gave Me The Night Of Pleasure I Will Never Forget

It was a warm night and I was in my bed. I was feeling lonely and I wanted to have someone next to me who will give me tenderness I needed. I was tossing and turning and could not fall a sleep. I did not know what to... Click to Read More

Shemales Chatrooms

My Hot Adventures In Shemales Chatrooms!

I thought I had grown out of or just become completely bored of chatrooms years ago. I thought as I got older that spending hours online chatting to random people about nothing of any note or interest was something that I had just outgrown. But the other... Click to Read More

Shemale Webcam tubes

My Shemale Webcam Tubes Next Door Neighbor Rendezvous

Whenever I would feel down or lonely, I would go online, look for shemale webcam tubes and enjoy myself. I would always find someone interesting there that would satisfy my senses. That night something amazing happened.

I came back... Click to Read More